Hitzefrei für die Jgst. 5-9 nach der 5.Stunde (20.08.2012)

Liebe Eltern, bei den hochsommerlichen Temperaturen, die zurzeit herrschen, gibt es an der MLS heute Hitzefrei.

Das bedeutet für die Jgst. 5-9, dass der reguläre Unterricht nach der 5. Stunde endet.

Für Schülerinnen und Schüler der Jgst. 5-7 wird in der 6. Stunde ein Betreuungsangebot sichergestellt (R 61). Die Nachmittagsbetreuung läuft immer nach Plan.

Sofern Sie eine Betreuung für Ihr Kind benötigen, so wenden Sie sich bitte an die Klassenlehrer oder an das Sekretariat.

gez. Goecke, 20.08.2012

English Stories der Klasse 7a


Choose one picture card from the pile that shows people and things that you know from fairy tales and one from the pile “modern world”.

Write a story using both things/people. It should have a beginning, a middle (main part) and an ending. To make your story more interesting use adverbs, adjectives, time phrases and linking words. Find an interesting and/or funny way to finish your story.

             From cold to warm                   

Once upon a time there was an old witch with a cat. The witch always ate a cold soup with a frog, but that was very boring, thought the witch. She needed something else. But in her world, there were only frogs. The witch was sad every day.

On a nice day, the witch sat in her garden with her cat and ate her soup with a frog. Suddenly, she had an idea. She went in her house and packed her bag, then she went to her cooking pot and cooked something.

Suddenly she was gone. The house was empty. Where was the witch? The cat looked everywhere, but the witch was gone.