Bilingual Biology: Student Voices

The following personal statements by students of the current E2 Bilingual Biology class might help to create a sense of the program’s purpose and atmosphere. We hope that the impressions and experiences of bilingual Biology participants will help you decide if you want to attend the bilingual program.

Bild: Bilingualer Biologiekurs der E-Phase (Lubeley)

“Nowadays, English is essential for scientific studies. Bilingual Biology is a good preparation for careers in scientific or medical fields.”

“I think bilingual Biology is pretty cool and better than I expected it to be. It is a good chance to improve your English skills and learn English scientific terms. In addition, the class is very nice. I think we all became very good friends and it’s always fun to join this class.”

“What I like about Bilingual Biology is that we have time to do a lot of practical work.”

“I want to do my A-levels in bilingual Biology and get a certificate. Then I will use it for my curriculum vitae and prove my experience in Biology in English.”

“I joined the bilingual Biology class because it is much easier for me to learn Biology in my language and would relieve me of the stress that comes with an additional subject I have to do in German. It turned out to be fun and educational and I will be continuing on with it next year too.”

“I took bilingual Biology class because I think it will really help me in the future with my career.”

“I chose bilingual Biology as a class because I like speaking English, not just in English lessons but also about different topics. I think it could really help you in life if you have more experience in speaking it. I like that it’s a bit easier than the usual Biology lessons because we have one lesson more so there is more time for revision. Also, because it’s not the English grammar that counts, you can speak more freely without worrying about your language.”

“I enjoy bilingual class because of the added language, English, in class. In addition, it is really helpful to improve your style and language by having more exercise. Therefore, it could be an advantage for your future and life after school.”

“Bilingual Biology changed my life. Not only did it broaden my horizons, but I made great friends. The lessons are quite revolutionary, especially when subjects were taught with the aid of sweets, like making DNA models which we could eat up afterwards.”

“I chose Biology as a bilingual class because I like English and I thought Biology becomes more interesting that way. I will continue taking it next year because Biology in English is fun and it’s a good addition to an English LK. I like that we talk in English all the time. Our experiments are really fun too. In general, the group size is great and makes everything more fun.”


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